America’s Chinatowns Are Disappearing | Smart News

According to this article, Chinatown's are being squeezed.  This is an old story; people have been predicting the demise of Philadelphia's Chinatown since at least the 1920s. It is true that gentrification is an issue, and that new immigration from China and elsewhere is down. investment from China is up.  If Philadelphia's Chinatown is dying,… Continue reading America’s Chinatowns Are Disappearing | Smart News

The Memories Museum of Dr. Mohammed al-Khatib

In the midst of one of the many cramped and crowded alleyways of Beirut’s Shatila refugee camp, close to qa’at al-sha’ab, or the people’s hall, is a brown metal door leading to a ground-floor apartment and the relatively unknown museum of 66-year-old Mohammed al-Khatib, who collected  1,000 personal objects  from Palestinians who fled the 1947-48 ethnic cleansing… Continue reading The Memories Museum of Dr. Mohammed al-Khatib

Murals Reclaiming Space in Philadelphia’s Chinatown

Murals are a powerful mode of communication in urban spaces, a vivid way of conveying important values and narratives in an immediate and visual way.  And because they are located in and part of the existing urban landscape, they have a lot to say about place as well.  grounded in the community, they create, reinforce… Continue reading Murals Reclaiming Space in Philadelphia’s Chinatown

How can murals help the urban landscape and its history?

"Putting a Good Face on Street Art, to Upgrade Atlanta" in Friday's New York Times, profiled the activities of Living Wall's 2012 program. The project creates murals around Atlanta in blighted areas.  This year, LW focused exclusively on female artists, and invited 28 artists from around the world to contribute artwork.  In addition to the… Continue reading How can murals help the urban landscape and its history?

Racial ambivalence and the Old/New South of “Show Boat”

The other night I had occasion to re-view James Whale's 1936 film version of the classic American musical "Show Boat."  Unlike the much more inferior 1951 MGM film, this version is considered highly faithful to the original Broadway show, first produced in 1927 at the Ziegfield Theater. Based on Edna Ferber's 1926 bestselling novel of… Continue reading Racial ambivalence and the Old/New South of “Show Boat”