America’s Chinatowns Are Disappearing | Smart News

According to this article, Chinatown's are being squeezed.  This is an old story; people have been predicting the demise of Philadelphia's Chinatown since at least the 1920s. It is true that gentrification is an issue, and that new immigration from China and elsewhere is down. investment from China is up.  If Philadelphia's Chinatown is dying,… Continue reading America’s Chinatowns Are Disappearing | Smart News

Murals Reclaiming Space in Philadelphia’s Chinatown

Murals are a powerful mode of communication in urban spaces, a vivid way of conveying important values and narratives in an immediate and visual way.  And because they are located in and part of the existing urban landscape, they have a lot to say about place as well.  grounded in the community, they create, reinforce… Continue reading Murals Reclaiming Space in Philadelphia’s Chinatown