This blog is a catch all for my own thoughts on history, culture, and the past, often in public and often in the present but not always so.  Its title “circa” is intended as a gesture toward the lack of determinacy with which I view the past, of the necessarily partial truths we tell about it.

IMG_20220224_151309026  I am an associate professor of history at Georgia State University, where I teach public history, US history, and immigration and ethnic history.  My research interests lie in  immigration/ethnic studies, public history, oral history, urban studies, and material culture. I have published on nineteenth-century women’s clothing practices, on patterns of ethnicity in the mid-Atlantic, the representation of immigrants in public history and culture, and the impact of ethnic and immigrant communities on the urban cultural landscape.  My book,  Ethnic Renewal in Philadelphia’s Chinatown: Space, Place, and Struggle, was published in 2015 by Temple University Press.

Currently, I am researching the history of refugee resettlement in the greater Atlanta area, and the racialized memory and history of three cities in DeKalb County, GA.

You can find more on facebook, twitter: @KathrynWilson8, LinkedIn, academia.edu, and on my CV.


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